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Forget renting that aerator and lugging it around your yard. We will handle the aerator and the lugging, Best of all for just about the same price as a rental.

Benefits Of Aeration

Lower Compaction

The most important goal of aeration is to reduce the compaction in the soil to allow easier growth and expansion of roots. The Aerator takes 2" deep plugs of soil out of the ground allowing the soil to "relax". 

This in turn reduces compaction and provides multiple benefits.

Lawn aerator
Core aeration

More Nutrients 

The plugs that the Aerator take out of the soil gives easy access for air, water and nutrients to enter the soil promoting root growth and density.

Better Seeding Results

The perfect time to seed is right after Aeration, grass seeds can easily fall into the holes from the Aerator and are more likely to stay there. Add a layer of top soil on top and you have the perfect recipe for overseeing.

We can throw that in with the aeration too!

Green Lawn

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